Partner network

Customers' needs do not end where diselva's competencies and capacities stop. Comprehensive, holistic consulting and service quality with competence in all disciplines requires strong partners at eye level. Simultaneously, we learn from our partners, engage in close and cooperative dialog, improve ourselves and constantly expand our horizon of experience.

The focus of our activities is on content-related consulting, technical architecture and the creation of solutions that enable the change and growth of organizations. In doing so, we rely on lightweight, flexible technologies that ensure constant renewal in the long term and achieve a sustainable impact on value creation.

To ensure a comprehensive and technically excellent service along the entire value chain and customer needs, we establish strong partnerships with different focal points and sweat spots. The beauty of this is that you as a customer will not notice any of this, as the responsibility for the promised quality remains with us.

Strategic partners

We can't do everything - but our customers can. Requirements grow and change. That's why we have strategic partners who complement and enhance our services and exceed our clients' expectations as much as we do. Whether it's brand design, industry expertise, marketing services, communications, the right campaign or other tricky challenges.

Delivery & Nearshore Partner

In order to provide our customers with the required diversity and quality at all times, we rely on implementation partners who have the same standards of quality and service as we do. Our selected partners are experts who help us scale, expand capacity, allow flexibility in utilization and availability of critical competencies - and enable attractive and fair pricing. 

Integration partner

We offer professional service for software solutions that convince us and drive our customers forward. We support software vendors in integrating their application into existing or newly created enterprise architectures. We ensure a smooth project flow and help the organization to integrate the new software meaningfully into its processes and workflows so that people experience software as facilitating and supporting their work. 

Software and Infrastructure Partner

We have been dealing with software products for 20 years and are always up to date. Whether corporate group or SME, we prefer reasonable, effective, lightweight and flexible technologies that ensure continuous renewal in the long term and have a sustainable impact on our customers' value creation. Our software partners meet this customer demand and we have the expertise to use software properly and sustainably for individual customer needs.