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An evident point of suboptimal customer experience is when customers have multiple logins. Although this is quite obvious, during the strategy analysis phases we often find up to ten different, historically grown logins that customers have in order to do business with the company. 

However, achieving the goal of "one central login for customers" can be fraught with a few stumbling blocks. One of them is the clean definition of data sovereignty and data flows over the customer data in interaction with the ERP-CRM-CIAM channels.

CIAM stands for Customer Identity & Access Management. It is a switch for a central login and includes a software genre whose implementation projects we have seen fail many times. This should not be the case, because a CIAM project is basically easier than an internal IAM project. However, an inappropriate path is often taken as early as the system evaluation stage. Too little attention is often paid to the elicitation of key requirements and the calculated scenarios for license costs.

We can help, whether you choose a "simple cloud platform CIAM", a "leading comprehensive CIAM" or a "case-specialized CIAM".

Pascal Nüesch - Chief Technology Officier

Want to provide a seamless login experience for your clientele?

We advise you on the recording of your needs, develop proposals for action and offer support in the evaluation.

Pascal Nüesch, CTO & Partner