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Smart guidance in a digital world.

We are diselva

We lead companies successfully into a digital future with structured and viable solutions. Providing organic and sustainable change with long-term, positive effects is the challenge we take on every day. At the same time, it is our motivation to contribute our skills and passion and create exceptional solutions for our customers.

Strong roots, years of experience and everlasting inspiration through technological possibilities and living organisms inspire and allow us to not only accompany you in your digital transformation - but to lead you. In doing so, we grow with you in our tasks and bring together seemingly contradictory concepts.

Day after day. Because we are digital. We are selva. We are diselva.

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Your challenges - our solutions

A wide variety of technical solutions are used to support and realize the digital transformation in your company - both for the processes to the customer and for the processes of the employees. 

We design our solutions cross-functionally with the goal of enabling a seamless and positive user experience.

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Our services

We are digital experts and have been able to prove this time and time again in recent years in a wide variety of tasks and constellations for our customers. The digital world, technology, change and transformation are our domains.

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Our technical portfolio

Our activities focus on on digital consulting, technical architecture and creation of solutions, as well as the implementation of digital systems that enable the transformation and growth of organizations. When integrating lightweight, flexible technologies into our clients' core systems, we ensure constant renewal over the long term and have a sustainable positive impact on value creation. We are experts in dealing with large, comprehensive solutions as well as smaller, more specialized tools. We support you in the selection of the right software provider, through the design of the appropriate overall solution, in the implementation and further development of your platform and technical solution.

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Michael Pertek - Chief Executive Officer

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I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Michael Pertek, CEO & Partner