Project management agile and classic

0586-transmissionRegardless of whether agile or classic methods are used, a project must be managed according to the dimensions of time, costs and performance. This is the only way to ensure that a project can also offer the desired added value.

The high complexity of digital projects requires proactive management of risks and dependencies, coordination of numerous internal and external stakeholders, and comprehensive, efficient project controlling. Regardless of the form in which we support our clients, an accompanying, comprehensive project management is always integrated. 

We have several years of experience in leading projects across all project phases: from the development of a digital strategy to the conception, implementation and continuous further development of digital solutions. We always strive for close, interdisciplinary collaboration between technical experts, clients, external partners and future users to achieve the best possible result. 

We adapt the project methods used to prevailing conditions and needs. Thereby we pay attention to
  • the requirements of the client
  • the complexity of the project and
  • the maturity of the preliminary work.

Despite a high affinity to agile values and approaches, we also use classic methods if they offer added value.

Chelsea Alther - Project Manager

You are unsure which project approach is suitable for you?

We have proven experience in agile and classic methodologies and support you in finding the approach that offers the highest added value for your project.

Chelsea Alther, Project Manager & Partnerin