Implementation by - what option works best for you?

0059-knifeIt is important to us that we not only carry out consulting projects, but also prove that the content of the early project phases can be successfully implemented. We vouch for this with our expertise and enable different implementation models.

  • Implementation by a dedicated agency
  • Implementation by diselva
  • Implementation by customers themselves

Implementation by dedicated agency

implementation-by-1-enOur large customers often opt for implementation by a dedicated agency. They benefit from their trusted relationship with their (large) existing service providers, while still relying on our expertise.

We make sure that the results from the early phases are applicable to the implementation, paving the way for project success.

If required, we provide lead people as an integral part of the implementation.

Implementation by diselva


For SMEs, we often cover the entire value chain and deliver consulting and implementation from a single source.

Leaders from the early phases of the project take responsibility for implementation. If we need to scale, we rely on a strong network of onshore and nearshore partners and minimize interfaces as a general contractor.

Implementation by customers themselves

implementation-by-3-enTime and again, we see clients building their own teams due to the business relevance and criticality of digital transformation projects. We support this trend of insourcing the relevant skills.

In co-creation setups, we combine our clients' skills with our own. Our project managers and technical team leads are fully integrated team members, working with client teams to ensure successful implementation.
Jan Keller - Chief Operating Officer

What is the best implementation model for you?

We make sure your projects get off the ground, whether through a dedicated agency, diselva, or by yourself.

Jan Keller, COO & Partner