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Digital transformation is not simply about technology. Nevertheless, the right technological base is crucial to successfully move into the future.

At diselva we have gained vast experience with large and renowned software solutions such as Adobe, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Sitecore and many more. We are convinced that today's technology approaches no longer necessarily have to consist of a single software monolith, but that modern solutions combine the advantages of individual software components in a smart and lean way.

A contemporary and future-oriented software architecture is like a flexible construction kit, where individual building blocks can be quickly expanded or replaced according to current needs. This ensures that the innovative power is not slowed down or even made impossible by a single product.


Architecture transformation

How to move from monolithic systems to a modern MACH architecture

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Technology challenges

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The days of server landscapes in the company basement and operating your own software or software components with weekly updates and hotfixes are fortunately over. A new approach must be taken to be prepared for the current and future requirements of digital transformation. We are convinced that Cloud-native is the right way to proceed. Be it in the development process, as well as in the operation of the solutions developed by us. The software products used by our partners are usually Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions and thus meet the requirements of our customers when it comes to availability, scalability, cost transparency and security.


A seamless customer experience requires an advanced frontend framework to meet the high expectations of users. For this reason, we rely on proven and modern frameworks that have shown us in a multitude of projects how really good frontend should look and function.


Our software solutions are based on the MACH architecture
  • Microservices
    The microservices approach allows agile and flexible development and brings the necessary modularity and scalability.
  • API-First
    A software solution that has been designed according to the API-first principle can be easily interconnected and extended. Due to the clear delimitation, the individual parts can be easily tested and thus increase stability and security.
  • Cloud-native
    Cloud-native solutions are easier and more efficient to scale. They offer more flexibility and decouple infrastructure and operational decisions from the actual purpose and further development possibilities of the respective platform.
  • Headless
    A headless architecture separates front-end usability from back-end processes and facilitates independent development in an agile environment.
Pascal Nüesch - Chief Technology Officier

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