Digital Assessment


Where is your company in the digital transformation process?

There are many reasons why companies have difficulties designing and implementing digital transformation themselves.

Determining the current level of maturity of your company, the digital skills of your organization and your employees are the first crucial steps toward success.


It is important to identify and analyze the relevant and influencing dimensions. With our digital assessment, we help you create transparency and clarity. We look at your company from two perspectives:

  • Inside-out - how is your company perceived internally (employees)?
  • Outside-in - how is your company perceived externally (customers, suppliers, environment)?

We complement these findings with our team's expert and industry knowledge. As a result, you will receive a clear picture of the current state of your organization, your employees and the technological framework. We identify the focus topics which have the greatest potential, reduce the complexity to an understandable and manageable level and derive concrete measures from this to improve your digital maturity level. We will help you prioritize these and flesh them out on a timeline.

Based on our vast experience in a large number of projects, we have developed a methodical approach that can measure and analyze the maturity level of organizations in a well-founded, quick and efficient manner. We would be happy to present our methods, experiences and results to you.

The exact approach may vary depending on your company's specific needs and challenges. The most important thing is that you know the digital maturity level of your organization and your employees, continually assess it and actively strive to improve it to keep up with ever-changing digital demands.

Nicole Kerber - Strategy Consultant

Do you need help finding out how digitally mature your company is?

We would be happy to support you in this process and derive the right conclusions and activities from it.

Nicole Kerber, Strategy Consultant & Partner