Architecture transformation

Do you have a monolithic system in place, which is too expensive and cumbersome for you to adequately serve today's as well as future challenges? There is good news, a step-by-step transformation to a modern MACH architecture is possible and also makes sense. A big bang change to move from one monolith to the next is no longer necessary today. This means that the financial outlay and therefore also the risk are reduced by the step-by-step approach and also the effects for the company in the area of organizational development, migrations, training, etc. are divided into digestible portions.

Transformation approach


In principle, a digital transformation strategy makes sense so that the architecture can be aligned with the future of the company and one provisional solution is not replaced by the next.

Once the foundation for the future architecture has been laid, the chronological sequence of additions or replacements can be addressed. In this respect, the dependencies of the systems and their data play an important role. Here, our expertise can make a significant contribution to the identification of potential conflicts.

In a first step, the inability of the current solution can be compensated very quickly with individual services. In this case, the current monolith can be enriched with new functions in the background without changing anything on the customer's surface. However, there are also use cases where the current solution does not offer a corresponding point of intervention or where complementary aspects are involved and are therefore connected in parallel and with direct customer interaction.

In the next step, existing services and functions are replaced with forward-looking technology.

The monolith thus recedes more into the background with each evolutionary step until it finally disappears completely.

Another advantage of step-by-step replacement is the fact that the knowledge gained can be incorporated into the next project phase and short-term influences on the company or the market can also be taken into account.

Pascal Nüesch - Chief Technology Officier

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Pascal Nüesch, CTO & Partner