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Our services

diselva leads companies in digital transformation - our service offering ranges from "strategic consulting" to "solutions delivered on the ground".
our diselva services: strategy, consulting, implementation and competence as a service Taking the lead and being accountable for the success of your digital transformation journey Providing leadership and ensuring continuity Digital Business Sweet Spot Assessment, Review, Due Diligence Sustainability & Circular Economy Evaluation, Tenders Proof of Concept Project Management agil & classic Implementation & integration of eCommerce, Cust.Portal, PIM, DAM, CMS, CIAM, CRM, eProcurement, ... Frontend Development / Architecture Organizational Development Interims-CXO Digital Transformation Strategy Data Architecture & AI Digital Assessment Solution & Software Architecture Backend Development / Architecture Requirements Engineering, Consulting Nearshore setup Competence as a Service / Body Leasing Strategy Consulting Implementation with Project Management with Project Management through dedicated agency by customers themselves through diselva with project responsibilities

For us, leading always means consulting. Our sweet spot starts with the consulting approach our leaders have developed over more than a decade of projects.
0389-road-sign-1  Digital Transformation Strategy

The resulting roadmaps must also be put into practice - this is where we offer guidance and support on
0586-transmission  Project management agile & classic
0244-theater-1  Organizational Development

As a technology-independent consultancy with many years of experience, the focus of our activities is on
0539-hamburger  Solution & Software Architecture
0361-abacus  Digital-Business-Sweet-Spot
0510-chart-settings  Data Architecture & AI
0731-sync  Sustainability & Circular Economy
0489-heart-pulse  Assessment, Review & Due Diligence
0386-map-1  Evaluation, tenders
0221-license2  Proof of Concept (PoC)

We do not stand for " producing paper ", but help our customers to bring the solutions into practice. It does not matter to us which of the following three variants the customer chooses:

0059-knife  Implementation by

  • a dedicated agency - we are happy to provide project support and ensure continuity in the process
  • by diselva - taking full project responsibility (we live project business for 20 years) with
  • by customers themselves - the trend towards insourcing has taken hold for the business-relevant parts of the digital transformation - we are happy to offer project support and continuity here as well.
Many companies have a big bow wave of digital transformation projects ahead of them and simply cannot get off the ground due to capacity constraints.
This is where we can help, so that your digital transformation does not stall:
0564-footprint  Competence as a Service / Bodyleasing

Background to our services

The technological and cultural developments of the last two decades have significantly changed the way we live and work. Digital transformation is not utopia, but everyday life. We guide and accompany you, your employees and your company through these challenges. 

The scope of our activities ranges from strategic, content-related consulting, defining technical architecture, designing solutions and implementing technological systems to transform your organization and processes in order to enable the change and growth of the future. 

When integrating lightweight, flexible technologies into our clients' core systems, we ensure constant renewal over the long term and achieve a sustainable positive impact on value creation. We are experts in dealing with large, comprehensive solutions, as well as smaller, more specialized tools. We support you in the selection of the right software provider, through the design of the appropriate overall solution, to the implementation and further development of your platform and technical solution.

Our services in interaction

Our services are much more than stand-alone competencies, we stand for coherent and therefore functioning solutions.

Our services are in close and networked interaction with:

  • the solutions: We have combined the expertise in project management with the knowledge of software solutions and the necessary consulting - technology agnostic.
  • the technology: We know in depth the systems available on the market. 
  • the projects: We know how to implement projects most effectively for our customers - whether classic or agile.
Michael Pertek - Chief Executive Officer

How can we help you?

Are there challenges where we can support you? We will be happy to put our services and skills to test for you.

Michael Pertek, CEO & Partner