Conception & software engineering


In contrast to strategic issues with a holistic view from different perspectives, your singular and concrete challenges need targeted and pragmatic support in the form of conception, consulting and implementation:

  • Consulting / conception / specification of feasible solutions
  • Requirements engineering
  • Development process
  • Software engineering
  • Operation and support

Consulting / conception / specification of feasible solutions

Outstanding consulting is fundamentally topic and solution specific. For an eCommerce system or a CMS, the approach and reasonable level of detail of the concept are fundamentally different.
For example, an eCommerce concept is designed along the specific steps of the journey such as
  • Path to the product - taking search and filtering into account
  • Product detail page - including handling of variants
  • Shopping cart and checkout - with complex topics such as pricing and payment
  • Customer profile - with onboarding processes and login
  • Aftersales - with, among other things, order history

In commerce concepts, the interfaces are paramount, which in the case of B2B eCommerce with close ERP integration, for example, focus on product data, prices, customers, orders, and order status.

By comparison, CMS design is about the intelligent combination of

  • Templates
  • Components
  • Applications
  • Workflows
  • Roles & rights

With our in-depth knowledge and many years of experience in consulting, design, implementation and rollout of solutions, we can provide you with the best possible advice.

Requirements engineering

Requirements engineering is a complementary methodology in which the knowledge of the solution does not necessarily come first.

In classic projects, it is the interface between the business department and technology for eliciting requirements and implementing them in business concepts. In agile projects, the focus of activity is the development of user stories for the product backlog. We can fulfill both roles optimally in cooperation with your project team.

Development process

In our projects, we usually rely on smaller development teams, which may be supplemented by employees of our partners or by you.

We have proven experience with different agile frameworks such as Kanban, Scrum or SAFe and adapt the setup to the corresponding requirements. In doing so, we always rely on a very close exchange with the customer and the various stakeholders.

Of course, familiar with classic waterfall projects and can also support you with our years of experience in the implementation of complex linear projects

Software engineering

Whether Java, C# or Node.js or something completely different - we have proven experience with numerous languages and tools. Our goal is to find and implement the right technologies and approaches for each customer.

To ensure flexibility for our customers, we prefer lean and proven tools. Ideally with a MACH architecture. If there is no suitable software yet, our software engineers also look forward to Inidvidual developments.

Whether providing whole development teams together with our partners, collaboration in existing teams or support on architecture and lead level - we can cover your requirements individually and with high quality.

Operation and support

We accompany solutions that we implement for you throughout the entire lifecycle, from conception to implementation and operation. We ensure that functionality and availability are guaranteed at software and infrastructure level and that you receive the support you need. We support you in setting up your own support organization or provide it ourselves. Stand-by time, response times and support levels can be flexibly adapted to customer needs.  To avoid interruptions, we monitor your software through proactive monitoring. In this way, malfunctions can be detected and remedied at an early stage.

Pascal Nüesch - Chief Technology Officier

Do you need in-depth expertise and experience in your digital projects?

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Pascal Nüesch, CTO & Partner