Solution & Software Architecture


With our vast of experience in architecture consulting, from strategic solution architecture (including evaluations to software architecture), we provide individualized advice and support you in the design with our expertise.

Strategic solution architecture

Suddenly, systems are involved in the digital transformation that were previously not the focus of your IT architecture?

These solutions are our exact specialty. We have extensive experience and expertise in eCommerce, customer portals, CMS, CIAM, web applications, marketing automation, cloud platforms, CRM, PIM, DAM, analytics & reporting. Of course, in interaction and integration with your ERP or industry solution.


This "extension" of your IT architecture is explained in a structured and understandable way based on Gartner's Pace-layered Architecture:

  • The core IT worlds that have always existed with ERP-related software are to be assigned to the "systems of record" and are thus designed, among other things, for long change cycles.
  • In recent years, IT departments have shifted their focus to "supporting sales and service departments". Which brings us to Gartner's "systems of differentiation" and CRM-related software has become much leaner in projects and operations through a true SaaS approach. 
  • Now come the real drivers of Digital Transformation. Suddenly, end customers are to be offered a "Seamless Customer Experience" across multiple touchpoints such as website, webshop, customer portal. The approach to these "systems of innovation" is very different.
Our "sweet spot," is also explained in these layers in reverse order, in many cases in perfect alignment with our customers' 
  • Systems of Innovation: This is our "home turf" and we understand the challenges of modern, front-end-heavy and lightweight architectures such as with headless SaaS solutions.
  • Systems of Differentiation: This includes systems for the extended master data such as PIM and DAM as well as CRM. They have been the backbone of solutions for customers for many years. 
  • Systems of Record: Only the clean and continuous integration into your core systems makes our solutions really valuable. In the case of eCommerce, for example, there are ultimately a number of very central interfaces whose complexity we have mastered.

Dataflow solution architecture

The focus of the data flow solution architecture is on the most important data flows of the various data types as well as their data storage.


Along the central data types such as product data, editorial content, digital assets, offers, orders, services, analytics, it is defined which system is responsible for keeping ...

  • the master data or parts of the master data
  • a copy of the master data e.g. for performance reasons
  • a reference e.g. for further accesses
  • etc.
In many cases, the data flow solution architecture forms the basis for the system evaluations as well as the step-by-step approach within various technology focus points in the digital transformation roadmap.

Software architecture

The software architecture is the cornerstone for every successful software project. It describes the structure and interaction of the components of a software system. A good software architecture is flexible, extendable and maintainable.
Especially in today's age of detached and specialized SaaS services, a clean architecture is the key to maintaining an overview and running systems efficiently and cost-effectively.

Software architecture decisions should not be made rashly, as they can have far-reaching consequences. They should not only meet the technical framework, but also support user requirements and needs and take into account economic factors.

To ensure that your system is ready for future requirements, we are happy to support you in the development or revision of your software architecture, whether in the lead or challenger role.
Pascal Nüesch - Chief Technology Officier

Do you need an architecture review?

We will be happy to advise you on the definition of your future solution architecture.

Pascal Nüesch, CTO & Partner