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About Us

We are diselva - the agency that not only gets your Digital Transformation off the ground - but to the point.

diselva brings together the apparent opposites of digital and selva. Our mission is to create digital solutions that change our clients' business for the better in the long term. In doing so, we are inspired equally by technological possibilities as well as living, changing organisms, in order to further develop our clients' business models in the long term through digitalization.

Our ten-person team combines years of digital expertise on both the agency and client side. As a founding team, we place great importance on eye level, honest relationships between clients and partners. This is expressed in our modern understanding of leadership and the joint ownership of Diselva AG. 


Founded in 2023, diselva is made up of people with different backgrounds, skills and interests. Together, we have a passion for digitalization, over 150 years of experience in the digital industry, and a non-negotiable awareness of values and culture. 

We are convinced that teams are successful when they trust and respect each other and enjoy working together as equals. This is exactly how we have been approaching projects together for years, successfully guiding our customers through the digital transformation. 

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Partner network

The needs of our customers do not end where diselva's competencies and capacities are limited. Comprehensive, holistic consulting and service quality that is competent in all disciplines requires strong partners who are at eye level. At the same time, we learn from our partners, maintain a close dialog, improve ourselves and constantly expand our horizon of experience.

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Advisory Board

We have over 150 years of combined digital experience. However, this is not always enough to fully meet the diverse requirements of our customers. That's why we draw on the expertise and excellence from our network right from the start and have experts at our side - as our advisors.

Our advisory board consists of leaders who have renowned knowledge and experience in the field of digital transformation and entrepreneurship. They support us in the development of our company and give us valuable impulses in the establishment and further development of diselva. 

At the same time, we are able to draw on your knowledge, advice and active support when it comes to specific tasks and challenges.


We are always on the lookout for exceptional people with high standards and strong ideals. Because we believe that teams made up of such people can achieve (almost) anything.

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Michael Pertek - Chief Executive Officer

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I am looking forward to a common exchange.

Michael Pertek, CEO & Partner