Sika - successful Project Management support

from Chelsea Alther at

"Diselva demonstrated its ability to contribute expertise with minimal training, making a notable impact on internal support."

Stefan Obst

Team Head CRM & Applications


Sika, a global leader in specialty chemicals, was presented with the challenge of replacing two outdated internal applications. With limited internal resources, Sika sought the assistance of diselva in the spring of 2023 for professional project management support. This blog post details the success of our collaboration.

Diselva provided two experienced project managers, Michael Schlegel-Iten and Chelsea Alther, who promptly familiarized themselves with the topic. Their contribution commenced with assuming active project management roles. They conducted document reviews, familiarized themselves with the subject matter, and facilitated a kickoff meeting to align service providers and internal Sika stakeholders on information and objectives.

To ensure the project's success, dieselva assumed responsibility for defining the specifications of all functionalities of the applications to be replaced. This included the introduction of detailed reporting for internal and external project steering, along with comprehensive project documentation on planning, decisions, risks, and the current project status. The active involvement of end users and other stakeholders in the development process contributed to a higher level of acceptance for the new solution.

Throughout the course of the project, the alternating deputization of Chelsea Alther and Michael Schlegel-Iten ensured continuity in project management and program management.

All relevant documents were stored transparently for all project participants and were regularly discussed and maintained. In typical project situations where intervention was required, diselva took an active role in advising on solutions, communicating problems to internal and external steering committees, and proposing solution-oriented alternatives. This approach was well received by both the service provider and Sika.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the project, which was made possible by the dedicated collaboration between Sika, the service provider, and dieselva. This example demonstrates our expertise in project management and our ability to provide customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers. 


Chelsea Alther

Project Manager & Partner