From the diselva Big Bang to the Mesozoic (or - we have moved)

from Jan Keller at

It has already been written about in several posts or discussed in conversations. Mostly just between the lines, but now it's official: Since June 1, we have moved to our new office at Unterstrasse 6 in St. Gallen.

But first things first. In the early days of diselva (i.e. after the diselva big bang, so to speak), we spent a lot of time at the Blumenmarkt in the middle of town (we still go there once a week, not least for historical and emotional reasons). Even then, it was important to us that we could spend time together and meet in one place. This physical proximity helped us not only in the context of the project, but also in dealing with the uncertainty of the start-up phase (shared uncertainty is half uncertainty and all that...).

We were able to quickly leave this very early phase of diselva. When we joined diselva-Paläozoikum, we were fortunate enough to be able to move into Wassergasse 18 as subtenants of the Wohnbaugenossenschaft Lerchenfeld and use the WBGL office space three days a week. This allowed us to move into our first office (at least partially) without having to raise funds that we would not have had or wanted to spend as a newly founded company. Thanks to the hospitality of the WBGL, however, we had optimal conditions for founding diselva at a very early stage.

In the course of the first projects we won, our successful development as diselva and the associated plans for the future, we started thinking about our first "real" office last summer. It was at this time that our network at the former Namics hit us in the best possible way. We got wind of START Global's plans to develop the Martaheim at Unterstrasse 6 as its own campus and were looking for one or two tenants for this building. Once we understood the concept and visited the construction site, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. It was also clear that we would soon be leaving our first office on Wassergasse with a smile and a tear in our eyes.

We were finally able to do this just before June 1st (the beginning of the Diselva Mesozoic). During the last months we could hardly wait for the move. Our impatience and anticipation grew with every hour we spent planning and realizing the new office. As we now know, it was worth waiting for this opportunity. 

We are now part of the very inspiring START Global community. Our own office on the second floor is not only super stylish and functional, but also embedded in a building that has been thought through from A to Z (Modern Workplace is just the first name). We have found the perfect place to develop and grow as a company. We already feel at home here and in the right place, which we already celebrated with the opening of our office (no good party without police intervention, details only on personal request). 

If you have read this far carefully (thank you!), you will realize that the disleva story is (hopefully) far from over. After all, the entire diselva Cenozoic (which according to Wikipedia lasts a remarkable 66 million years) is still ahead of us. We look forward to many encounters and people who will join us on our journey. JFYI: You are always welcome for a coffee or a beer at Unterstrasse 6! 😉

Last but not least, we would like to use this blog post to thank some people:

  • Franziska and Matthias, on behalf of the entire WBGL, for their hospitality at the diselva-Paläozoikum at Wassergasse 18.
  • Roland for the idea and concept of the START Campus and the possibility to be there as diselva at Unterstrasse 6.
  • Christoph and Jabba for the realization of the idea and the management of the building
  • Jacqueline for the interior design of our office
  • START Global for the great and inspiring neighborhood



Jan Keller

Chief Operations Officer & Partner